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Fixed Wing  &  Helicopter  Appraisals


Leading Edge Aircraft Appraisal is a uniquely qualified company with over 35 years of professional aviation experience.  We are totally dedicated to providing you the most prompt, accurate, unbiased and professional NAAA Certified Aircraft Appraisal.

Certified Appraisal

A Certified Aircraft Appraisal is an itemized inventory and multi-page document, derived from leading edge NAAA computerized technology and a thorough examination of the aircraft interior, exterior and maintenance records.  It is an accurate, unbiased legal report stating the Current Fair Market Value of the aircraft, prepared by trained experts familiar with all factors that determine the current climate of the pre-owned aircraft market.

Aircraft Market Analysis

A detailed Aircraft Market Analysis will provide you with an inventory of the aircraft's equipment and estimation of it's overall condition.  It does not include an on-site inspection of the aircraft and maintenance records from our appraiser.  The Market Analysis will provide you with a reasonable approximation of the aircraft Fair Market Value, based upon data that you provide.


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