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NAAA Certified Appraisal

A Certified Aircraft Appraisal is an itemized inventory and multi-page document, derived from leading edge NAAA computerized technology and a thorough examination of the aircraft interior, exterior and maintenance records.  It is an accurate, unbiased legal report stating the Current Fair Market Value of the aircraft.  The appraisal is prepared by trained experts familiar with all  factors that determine the current climate of the pre-owned aircraft market.


The appraiser will begin with a thorough examination of both the exterior and interior of the aircraft.  Special attention is given to condition of the airframe, paint, engines, flight controls, aircraft systems, electronics, instrumentation, interior condition, aftermarket accessories and modifications.  A complete inventory will be prepared for inclusion in the appraisal report.

A comprehensive review of all log books and maintenance documentation will then be performed to determine Service Bulletin status, Airworthiness Directive status, and answers to key questions, including the following few:

  • Have annual inspections been completed in a timely manner?

  • Was the aircraft maintained with emphasis on preventive maintenance?

  • Were oil changes consistent and on an oil analysis program?

  • What corrosion prevention measures have been taken?

  • Is there any Damage History?

  • Was the damage repaired properly and given a detailed sign-off?

  • Are all Major Repair and Alteration forms included?

  • Are there any missing or altered log books or pages?


The inspection process will take from 3 hours for a small single engine plane, to upwards of 24 hours for a large business jet and vary mostly due to condition of maintenance records.  After an in-depth analysis of all data,  using  advanced software developed by the NAAA, the report will be prepared.  The final result is a Certified Aircraft Appraisal that is an accurate, unbiased, itemized inventory and multi-page document that will withstand the toughest scrutiny of any Financial, Governmental, or Courtroom audit.

Why can't I just use a price guide or "blue" book?


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