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Aircraft Market Analysis

The  Market Analysis is a tool to provide an estimated value of the subject aircraft.   Although not a full Certified Appraisal, it is far more accurate than a Price Guide value determination since the aircraft condition and equipment inventory are still considered.  A Market Analysis cannot be used for financing, donation, or legal proceedings.  Its' sole purpose is to determine a Fair Market Value estimate.

The Market Analysis offers considerable savings over a Certified Aircraft Appraisal because the appraiser does not personally inspect the aircraft or review the maintenance records.  Therefore, a Market Analysis can be accomplished more expeditiously for any aircraft worldwide,  without the added time and travel expense. 

The Process


Leading Edge Aircraft Appraisals will provide the client with a set of forms to gather the required data as he, or she,  performs a self assessment of the aircraft.  The client is responsible for providing and verifying  the accuracy of the data used in the Aircraft Market Analysis.


After the client provides Leading Edge Aircraft Appraisals with the required data, it will be reviewed for accuracy and completeness.  The data will then be processed the same way as a Certified Aircraft Appraisal using the NAAA software  application. 

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